American Gin


American Gin

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Quickly becoming an icon of the American distilling movement, this premium spirit boasts a blend of botanicals to craft a gin with notes of juniper, floral sweetness, and citrus peel along with complimentary spicy notes of cardamom and cinnamon.

• One 750 mL bottle of Aviation American Gin
• Inspired by the original Aviation cocktail and co-owned by Ryan Reynolds
• Please enjoy responsibly

Tasting notes

Juniper and sweetness, spicy, floral flavor, and lingering finish.

Serving suggestion

Try an Aviation Sunrise cocktail by filling a wine or rocks glass with ice, then adding 1.5 oz. of Aviation American Gin, 2 oz. of tonic water, and a splash of bitter aperitivo liqueur before garnishing with an orange wedge.

Country of Origin

United States 

Tasting notes

  • Tasting Notes Citrus


    Floral sweetness, and citrus peel.

  • Tasting Notes Fresh Cut Grass


    Notes of juniper along with complimentary spicy notes of cardamom and cinnamon.

  • Tasting Notes Dried Fruits


    A soft, lingering finish.

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